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Buying Baby Clothes on a Budget - How To Buy Baby Clothes on a Budget, Buying Tips for Cheap Baby Clothes
Buying cheap baby clothes is a good idea as babies soon outgrow their clothes. Read on to know tips on how to buy baby clothes on a budget.

Buying Baby Clothes on a Budget

You bought lovely clothing for your new born and within no time, it is too short for your baby to fit in. Babies outgrow clothing so quickly that your head spins and your pockets wail. The anticipation of the arrival of a new one is the most exciting moment for all parents. Shopping for the new bundle of joy is equally exciting and fun. Parents enjoy shopping for baby clothes as they are the most personal items a child will have in the first few months of their life. They go in for all good stuff, expensive clothes and varieties of clothes without realizing that the babies grow rapidly in the first few months of life, outgrowing the size of all the clothes. As such, it makes sense to buy baby clothes on a budget so that it doesn’t make a dent in your pocket every now and then. Read on to know more on buying baby clothes on a budget.

How to Buy Baby Clothes on a Budget
  • You can shop for your babies from a second hand store. As babies outgrow their clothing very fast, it is advisable to get them clothes from a second hand store, which will prove to be a reasonable purchase.
  • It is better and beneficial to buy clothes for your baby depending on their growth stage. What babies do the first few weeks is sleep and dirty their nappies. Four to six pieces of apparel for every three months of growth stage is a good idea.
  • It is also beneficial to buy clothes in bulk. There are few brands that sell baby clothes in a pack of three or six. It will be easier and feasible to buy baby clothes from these brands.
  • Hold a swap meeting with other mommies. Invite your friends, coworkers or neighbors who have babies of different ages and size. You can collect worn-out or not in use clothes of their babies. Then, everyone can swap the items as per the requirement of your baby.
  • Buy clothes well in advance. You can judge what size will fit your baby six to eight months later. So next time you hit a post-season sale, you can buy clothes for future use as well.
  • Go to shop only when there is a sale going on or any stock clearance taking place. Babies need not be subjected to brands and fashion statements.
  • Baby clothes are common gifts given at baby showers. Usually, women receive more gifts than their baby will use, which are either given away or sold cheap. The best way to spot these baby clothes is to scout around yard sales and look for clothes with the tags still attached.
  • You can even wait for end of season sales to buy clothes for your baby. It is a great way to save some money. Plan out your shopping well in advance, and hit the shops only when a sale is going on.
  • You can even save a great deal of money by reusing old clothes. You can use your creativity in using old clothes to make new ones for your babies. For example, if your baby has outgrown the trouser, cut them to make shorts.
  • You can even use internet to find out ways to go in for a budgeted purchase. There are many auction sites that offer lots of adorable baby clothes at great deal.

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