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Shaken Baby Syndrome - Shaken Baby Syndrome Symptoms, Treatment for Shaken Baby Syndrome
Shaking an infant or a baby can cause various inner injuries. Read to know more about shaken baby syndrome, its symptoms as well as treatment.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

A baby’s body is immensely delicate and fragile as it has very soft muscles around the neck and contrary to that has a big head and big body. Violent shaking of its body can lead to unbelievable outcomes especially in the brain portion, as a baby’s brain is immature and needs room to grow in the small space between brain and the skull. Violent shaking of the baby’s body, although in a playful manner, can lead to internal bleeding, forming a clot inside the brain. Shaken body syndrome can also lead to bruising of brain tissue and tearing of blood vessels. None of the parents shake their babies intentionally but when a baby doesn’t stop crying, parents do it angrily and shake babies violently. It is a result of intentional baby abuse most of the times but can also be caused without any reasons, like playing with a baby while jogging. Parents should also take care of those guests who come to play with their babies which can also cause much trouble. You might have noticed that there are many small injuries which happen to your babies but are all unexplained. The reason being is this particular syndrome that can happen over a twinkling of an eye and can cause bruises, rib fractures, clotting of blood in the eyes. Read on to learn more information about the shaken baby syndrome and its treatment.

Symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Symptoms are always non-specific and can remain unnoticed for some time but can have sudden vomits or fussiness caused by the internal pressures developed in the brain.
  • Lethargy is also a characteristic feature of the syndrome and can be observed occasionally.
  • Babies may also have some breathing difficulties and may show some signs of epilepsy.
Treatment of Shaken Body Syndrome
  • Treatment depends upon the type of abuse and in case of rapid symptoms; the baby should be immediately taken to a hospital for close monitoring.
  • Doctors watch for signs of brain swelling or bleeding, breathing difficulties and if these aspects are positive then the baby will be admitted in intensive care unit (ICU) and treatment will be carried out accordingly.
  • In case of less severe injuries, a cast is applied on the broken bones and cuts are stitched or bandaged.
  • Those babies who are affected by epilepsy are further treated by neurologists and medication is provided by them, but epilepsy can lead to dangerous problems like physical disabilities or mental retardation also.
  • If the baby is not much harmed by shaken baby syndrome then simple medications can also be followed by the parents and some prescribed pain gels can be applied on the baby’s body.

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