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Baby Genital Care - Genital Care For Babies, Caring For Your Baby’s Genitals
Your baby’s genitals are as delicate and susceptible as them. Read on to know more on genital care for babies and learn caring for your baby’s genitals.

Baby Genital Care

Being parents can be a euphoric feeling! But tending to the needs and wants of your little one may not be that easy, to begin with, especially for new parents. Babies are unpredictable and vulnerable too. Only timely care and proper tending will ensure that your babies stay happy and healthy. One of the most significant aspects of baby care is attending to their genitals. Baby genitals are tender and exposed and it is only good if you keep it clean. Genital care differs for girls and boys. While attending to these delicate parts of your baby, always make sure to wash the area with mild soap and water and check regularly for rashes, bleeding or pus filled boils. Genital care is mandatory for good health. Follow these tips to minimize your worries for your tiny todds. Read on to know more on baby genial care.

Genital Care For Babies
  • Check your baby’s diaper often and see if it is soiled from bowel movements. Clean the genital area thoroughly with wet cloth and diluted soap. You may buy your own disposable diapers or cloth diapers for your babies. This will cause more hygiene and comfort for your little ones.
  • Always wipe from front to back for baby girls and wipe under the genitals for boys. Also, take care to clean the buttocks and fat creases under the thighs of your child. Apply baby lotion in case of skin rashes. Maintaining regular hygiene is the key to care for your baby’s genital area.
  • Baby boys can suffer from circumcised or uncircumcised genital problems that need your special attention. In case of circumcised genitals, keep the area clean. Bathe the area every day with warm water and use a gentle baby cleanser to clean it.
  • In case of uncircumcised genitals, wash the area with warm water and baby wash. Do not use any cotton swabs, cotton balls, astringents, or other harsh detergents on your baby. Keep the tip of the penis clean. Avoid pulling the foreskin back while cleaning. Gently hold the foreskin against the tip of the penis and wash it.
  • It is never good to keep your babies on soiled diapers for longer periods. If your baby pees or poops at night, do take care to attend to it immediately. Properly clean and dry the area before putting on a new diaper. If you prefer, you can avoid making your baby wear diapers at night.

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