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Bottle Warmer - Bottle Warmer for Babies, How to Use Bottle Warmers
Bottle warmers for babies are a convenient option for mothers to warm the baby’s milk. Read on to know how to use bottle warmers.

Bottle Warmer

The modern day invention that bottle warmers are makes it more convenient for the mother to warm milk for their little ones. The baby bottle warmers prevent your frequent running to the kitchen to feed your baby. You can take these warmers wherever you want, especially the baby travel bottle warmer, while you are traveling in a car. There are different brands of bottle warmers available in the market that are user-friendly and have the most advanced features to add to your convenience. You can easily choose one among them and set the temperature of your bottle warmer that will be suitable for your child. Keeping in view your continuous breathless toil around your baby, we will tell you how to use the bottle warmers in the right way in this article.

How to Use Bottle Warmers For Babies
  • The milk or the baby food, or even the feeding bottle of your baby, can be put in the warmer and you have to just pour water in it. The water level should be under the level of milk or milk bottle. The warmer heats the water around the milk bottle and the milk gets heated automatically. The switch of the warmer keeps on clicking on and off and the milk remains at the same temperature, until you use it.
  • There are some bottle warmers that have a cooling part. In the cooler part, you can keep another bottle ready, so that you can use it later. These bottle warmers set are very helpful during the night feed, as you don't have to go through the long procedure of conventional warming in the kitchen.
  • There are some types of bottle warmer that can be used while traveling in car. You can put the bottle warmer in the cigarette lighter for your car, so that the car batteries heat it. They are kept firm by a plastic belt tied around the bottle. It takes about 15 minutes to warm up. You can also use chemical bottle warmer to warm up the milk bottle of your baby. A heat releasing liquid warms up the milk for the baby.
  • If your bottle warmer doesn’t seem to be heating the milk, you may have to clean it thoroughly. When you clean the bottle warmer, unplug it first and then wipe out the bottom of the wiping pad using a wet paper towel or washcloth. Clean the bottle holder that comes with the warmer as well. If the bottle holder is full of gunk, it can prevent the bottle from warming up.

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