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Baby Strollers - Types Of Baby Strollers, Baby Stroller Accessories
Baby strollers add to your convenience, while carrying the baby along. Read on to know different types of baby strollers and accessories.

Baby Strollers

Carrying your baby yourself can be a bit hectic for you, though it is a universal practice. If both of you want to enjoy the each otherís company without disturbing the comfort of the other, you should opt for baby strollers. The market is flooded with a variety of baby strollers like double strollers, triple strollers, jogging strollers and travel strollers i.e. the umbrella strollers. As usual before paying for anything, you need to find the utility of the different strollersí type and select the right one for you, which can give comfort to your little angel and fulfill your purpose too. Read on to know the different types of baby strollers and the accessories to go with it.

Types Of Baby Strollers

Umbrella Strollers
Umbrella strollers are the ideal ones for traveling as they can be folded easily. Even if you are gong for a long drive in car, these umbrella baby strollers are very useful as they can be used both inside and outside the car. Umbrella stroller is the best for the infant.

Jogging Baby Stroller
The jogging baby stroller is meant for the parents, who go for jogging or walking with the baby. Though these infant jogging strollers are light in weight, they are not meant for using it in the shopping. You can find wheels of different sizes in the jogging strollers.

Standard Strollers
Standard strollers have a sturdy frame and are among the most durable type of strollers. Most standard strollers have fully reclining seats, which make them suitable to be used from the time of your childís infancy to the time he/she is a toddler. Standard strollers are easy to push and steer, more so, when they are used on smooth surfaces.

Lightweight Strollers
A lightweight stroller is a good option as it, usually, weighs less than 12 pounds. Most of the lightweight stroller do not have a reclining seat and are thus best suited for children, who are one year of age or a little older. They are also less expensive than most of the other types of strollers.

Combo Strollers
Combo strollers, being versatile, can be used right from childís infancy to the time he/she is a toddler. A combo stroller features a toddler stroller base and a coordinating infant bassinet. Most of the combo strollers also come with extra seat padding and cup holders as well as many convenience features.

Baby Stroller Accessories
  • Infant stroller has cover that protects your baby form rain. There are some strollers that have hood that covers the entire stroller till the wheels.
  • There are also small umbrella in the baby strollers that protect the little angel from the scorching heat.
  • These strollers are covered with fine wire net that prevents the small harmful insects to come in touch with the baby, but allow the baby to inhale fresh air.
  • You can keep the food and any drink of your baby on the stands that are provided in the infant strollers, so that you don't have to carry it separately. There is also a provision of carrying basket with the stroller. However, be careful to hang the baskets low and light weight on the stroller or it may get misbalanced.
  • There are also some attractive toys on the stroller, which are attached to them by a Velcro. Undoubtedly, it is within the reach of the tiny supple hands. And if desired, you can even use it in the car seats or cribs etc.
  • In some baby strollers, there are elegant designed removable headrests and padding, so that your little one can find some comfort while experiencing the long tiring journey.

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