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Choosing Baby Nursery Colors - How To Choose Baby Nursery Colors, Tips For Choosing Infant Nursery Colors
Choosing the right nursery colors depends on the kind of feel you want to impart to your childís room. Read on for tips on how to choose baby nursery colors.

Choosing Baby Nursery Colors

It is time for your baby boy or baby girl to move out of your room and shift to his/her own room. All parents want to do the best for their child. They want to hand pick everything, right from the furniture to the colors for their babyís nursery. They want the nursery to be a dream room, one which their kid would love and appreciate. While building a nursery for the little ones, choice of paints and colors to be used should be carefully made. Colors speak out different language and gives out a different feeling. Choosing the right colors for the nursery walls isnít only about what looks good or about putting up your favorite color. The color you choose for your babyís nursery can have a big impact on the feel of the nursery. Choosing the right color is definitely not an easy job. There are so many options and each one conveys a different meaning or feel all together. Read on for help on choosing baby nursery colors.

How To Choose Baby Nursery Colors
  • First, decide whether you are looking for gender neutral or gender specific nursery colors. From traditional yellow and green to more contemporary orange and white, there are a number of gender neutral color schemes. If you are looking for gender specific colors, even then there are a number of options.
  • Secondly, decide over the style for the nursery, depending on your own preference and style. The nursery is yours and your little one’s so it should definitely be based on your own ideas.
  • Apart from the overall style of the nursery, also decide upon the feel you want to give to the nursery. Different colors stand for a different style and feel as well as different emotions. For example, white stands for purity and creates a light atmosphere. Green provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Next step is to choose the chromaticity and tone, which will look natural, peaceful and relaxing, rather than too strong feeling. For e.g. it is better to use cream and off-whites, rather than bright white for a softer look and feel. The use of two color scheme creates variety and balances the different emotions and strengths.
  • After you have decided on which color you are going to use, go out and see those colors incorporated in various nursery products and décor. This will give you a visual of how your own nursery will look like, thus helping in better selection.
  • Finally, comes in the need for choosing furniture which will match the tone of the nursery’s color. The furniture should be such that it is complimentary to the other settings in the nursery.
Color Guide

Warm Colors
  • Red - a powerful color that generates energy. Probably, not the best nursery color.
  • Yellow - very famous among nurseries, but not quite famous for calmness. A bright yellow can cause anxiety and over stimulation among children.
  • Orange - not as dramatic as red, but still just warm. More suitable for older kids.
Cool Colors
  • Green - green is nature’s color and so certainly calming and relaxing. It suits both boys and girls.
  • Violet - it is a very soothing color. Usually, very famous among little girls. For babies, stick with a pastel shade of lilac and accessorize with light green or pink.
  • Blue - Blue is a perfect choice for bedrooms. It is soothing and creates a relaxing ambiance, which will help babies sleep well.

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