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Nursery Decorating Ideas - Baby Nursery Decoration Tips, How To Decorate Baby’s Nursery
Decorating your child’s nursery can be a great experience for you. Read on to find ideas on how to decorate your baby’s nursery.

Nursery Decorating Ideas

Bedding, walls, borders, murals, furniture, toys, themes etc., these are the few things that are on parents’ mind, when they get their infant home. Few months after his/her birth, it is the baby nursery that will become the world for your little infants. You, as a parent, want to make the nursery your baby’s dreamland, but the general confusion is how to go about making a different and attractive nursery for him/her. Creating a comfortable and welcoming nursery is not an easy work. Minutest of detail from the kind of color to be used to the needs and choice of your baby to his/her safety should be kept in mind, while making a room for your baby. From the crib in which they will sleep to the furniture around should all be safe and comfortable and vibrant at the same time. If you are looking in for building a nursery that can relate to your kids for a longer period of time, here are few ideas on decorating and making a baby’s nursery.

How To Decorate Baby’s Nursery
  • The closets, benches, racks and shelves should be kept at a height and place that is easily accessible by the babies. If the things in the room are well organized, it will organize the kids as well.
  • You can create a continuous art pattern in the room by using wainscoting and by painting the wall below by chalkboard paint. You can use colors of your choice and paint up to a chair rail.
  • Use paints that glow at night. There are stars and moon patterns available for the ceilings, or cityscape for the edges of the room. This will get your babies excited to switch off the lights early at night. It will also make your child love sleeping in the room.
  • Temporary wall tattoos and removable wall transfers have become very popular and affordable. They come in different colorful patterns. Your kids will have fun decorating the room the way they want to.
  • Kids like hanging stuffs, they are also good collectors. Let pictures and postcards hang down in front of window or clip them with strings along the wall to create an interactive border in the room.
  • Kids like display space where they can put up their recent art work for their spectators. Galvanized metal is easily available at any home improvement store. This will give an instant magnetic board for your kids to put on stuffs.
  • Check your local art shop for peel and stick cork. You can cut them into any shape and attach them to any part of the wall to provide a colorful look.
  • You can use different charts to border the walls and use non-toxic paints to put your child’s handprint on the borders.
  • Use multiple lighting in the room and not just one monotonous lighting system. Overall lighting is necessary and so is the reading light. The room should be well lighted with lights at the required places.
  • Do not keep much of soft toys or toys with fur on it. These may cause choking and other allergies.
  • While choosing the color for the furniture or a dresser, ask your child’s opinion. You can even get his/her signature or hand print on the furniture. This will foster a feeling of belongingness in your child.

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