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How To Baby Proof A Fireplace - Tips To Baby Proof A Fireplace, Ways Of Baby Proofing Your Fireplace
A fireplace in the house could be a danger zone for your baby, so baby proofing it is important. Read on to find tips and ways on how to baby proof your fireplace.

How to Baby Proof a Fireplace

A fire place in the house makes the ambiance quite soothing. A fireplace is one where everyone would love to gather for the warmth and composure it provides. It can be the favorite place for anyone in the house to spend some time in self-inspection. However, in houses with kids, the safest place can also prove out to be dangerous to kidsí safety. Kids are always curious and eager about the places that are beyond their reach, and their voyage to such places might get them injured seriously. One such place is the fireplace in your house. One of the first issues to be addressed when it comes to the fireplace is the hearth. Babies are at risk of hurting themselves, if they fall on fireplace hearths. There are many such related risks to babies from your fireplace. For the safety of your baby, what you need to do is to baby proof your fireplace. How? Letís find out.

Tips To Baby Proof A Fireplace
  • To save your baby, become a baby. Look at the fireplace from all angles and try to figure out what can attract your baby and may prove dangerous.
  • One of the dangerous spots can be the edges of your fireplace. Soften them by using blankets or throw pillows. There are hearth pillows also available for purchase; they fit on the corners to provide extra padding. All this will provide a softer place to land for your babies, if they fall.
  • Lock the fireplace door. Your baby might be curious to know what is inside the fireplace. To curb down the curiosity of your child, it is better to have a locked door for the fireplace.
  • Children are playful and they like fiddling with anything that can be handy. Put away the fireplace tools from their reach. Put it in a place where you can easily access it, but not your kids.
  • Remove any inflammable item from around the fireplace. It is not unusual for your kids to move around with a newspaper or play with drapers. If these get too close to fireplace, the possibility of catching fire is too high.
  • To be secure enough, install a fireplace gate. These gates are designed especially for purpose of security. They are made up of the material that will stand up the heat when the fire place is in use.
  • Light a fire in your fireplace to check for any other hazards. Sometimes, glass doors on a fireplace may get hot to the touch, or ashes may fly on to the hearth. Make note of any such hazards and fix them at the earliest to ensure safety for your baby.

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