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How to Choose Safe Baby Toys - Choosing Safe Toys for Babies, Buying Safety Toys for Your Infant
Choosing/buying safe toys for your baby is important to keep him/her away from danger. Read on to find safety tips on how to choose infant toys.

How to Choose Safe Baby Toys

Toys are the most important part of your baby’s life. Toys are the actual companions of kids during their growing process. They teach your baby the meaning of friendship, happiness, joy, sorrow and such emotions that are essentially present in any human being. Toys are also important for developing the five senses of the infants. They help them to learn the art of motion. Toys are, in some sense, the friends for your kids. Some kids even name their toys, they love to take them wherever they go, they love to sleep with them and see them when they wake up. When toys play such an important role in the development process of your child, you should make sure that they are even safe for them. It sounds a bit odd to learn that cute little toys can also be harmful, but the fact is if they are not handpicked keeping in mind the age of your child, they can prove to be dangerous for him/her. This article will provide you certain guidelines on how to choose a safe toy and what kinds of toys to choose, so that the safety and development of your child are both taken care of.

Choosing Safe Toys For Babies
  • Go through the toy-manufacturing website to get an idea on different toys for different stages of development, the prices and so on.
  • Buy toys of the age range of your kid. It can be exactly for your child’s age or even slightly above their age. Allow your child to explore various interests and develop confidence.
  • Avoid toys with strings longer than 7 inches, toys with sharp edge and the ones that produce loud noise. Also, avoid damaged or broken toys.
  • For an infant, go for one-piece toys without any buttons, doll eyes or parts that can cause choking.
  • If the child is of or less than 5 yrs of age, do not get any small toys that can fit in their mouth and cause choking. Test the toy by placing it against the end of an empty toilet paper roll. If the toy fits inside the roll, it is too small for the kid and should be kept away from him/her
  • Measure your child’s neck with a measuring tape. Remove any ribbon or cording from the toy longer than half the circumference of your child’s neck.
  • Purchase toys made out of non-chlorinated plastic only. One frequently used plastic that should be avoided is ‘Polyvinyl chloride ‘, which may cause negative health problems. Phthalates are chemical plasticizers used to make flexible PVC items, such as soft teething rings. Phthalates can leach out of PVC into the mouth of your baby.
  • Buy organic toys. Toys made out of wood, organic cloth or metal. Make sure there are no toxic sealers or paints used in the toys you purchase.

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