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How to Install a Baby Gate - Installation Tips for Baby Gate, Installing Infant Safety Gates
Installing safety gates for your infant will ensure that he/she is totally safe even when he/she is on his/her own. Read on for tips on how to install a baby gate.

How to Install a Baby Gate

Its baby’s day out, but your babies may not be as lucky as the kid in the movie ‘Baby’s Day Out’ to escape and miss all possible falls. There is every possibility of your kid getting injured, while exploring the house. Babies are very curious. They like to visit places where they are asked not to go. Only a fraction of seconds and your kid will escape your watchful eyes and go towards staircase or an open window, inviting trouble upon him/her. You have no potion other than to scold your baby and spy on him/her wherever they go. However, this does not sound like a workable idea, because you cannot be behind them all the time. One of the solutions which can keep you tension free and also gives enough place for the kids to explore is to install a baby’s gate at all prospective places. This will help your baby to have a safe navigation. This process of finding the right gate for the right area will not take much money and time, but will definitely ensure safety for your baby. This article will educate you on how to install a safe baby gate.

Installation Tips for Baby Gate
  • Do a little bit of a research online and at local stores to find out the variety and kinds of baby gates. From these options, choose the one that suits your requirement. They come in a wide range of materials including wood gates for a better fit with your home décor.
  • Your second step would be to locate the area where a safety gate is needed.  Protection may be needed at the entrance of a doorway, staircase or around the fire place.
  • Measure the height and width of the opening where the gate has to be installed. These gates have certain dimensions, so a proper measurement is required. Extension kits are also available to fit in larger areas.
  • After the measurement of the area is over, the next step is to identify and decide upon the type of safety gate you need. Safety gates can be of two types- pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted. Pressure-mounted gates are well suited for doorways or places with hard surface, whereas hardware-mounted gates can be installed on the top or bottom of the staircase.
  • See if you require a wall mounting kit or not. Many balustrades may be cylindrical or turned, so you would probably need a kit to provide a straight and flat surface to mount the gate. These kits are easily available in most of the baby care stores. The kit includes clamps, hardware and vertical mounting wood to add a mounting surface for the gate. Some may even attach to a very narrow banister and spindle.
  • Create your own mount by attaching a piece of lumber to the banister and use as an alternative to wall mounting kit. Use a 1x4 or broader board and attach it to the banister with clamps, ties, straps and screws. Make sure that the mount is secure enough to handle the weight of a child pushing on it.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install a gate or using a kit. Go according to the manual’s instruction to make the process simple and stable
  • Keep checking the baby safety gate regularly to ensure that all its parts are in working condition and intact. Check wooden gates regularly for splintered parts.

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