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Baby Acne Treatment - Treatment For Baby Acne, Treating Infant Acne
Parents get startled at the mere sight of those red bumps on their baby’s face. Read on to know about treatment for infant acne for treating the problem well.

Baby Acne Treatment

Baby’s acne is a common occurrence in infants. These little red rough rashes are generally non-toxic and usually appear on the cheeks, nose, back and even tummy. It is basically transient in nature and painless, though the condition can aggravate if the baby comes in touch with saline water. However, to see your baby in distress is never a good feeling. A multiple number of reasons that are attributed to the occurrence of acne are hormonal causes (transmission of mother’s left over hormones in the baby’s body), bad bowel movement, unsuitable weather conditions, sticking of milk and saliva on the face, germs etc. Parents need to take it as nature’s course, but if the acne persists for a longer period of time, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist. Parents should make sure that baby does not scratch his/her face as acne would get worse in that case. Treatment for baby acne is rather simple. All you need to do is take certain precautions to avoid aggravating the skin condition. Read on to learn more about it.

Treatment For Baby Acne
  • Always use a mild baby soap on the acnes and do not rub the skin much, make sure your own hands are clean enough before you treat your baby’s face and have a clean towel to pat it dry in order to reduce further complications.
  • To ease out your baby’s discomfort, dress him/her up in cool, comfortable cotton clothes that are not harsh against your baby’s skin. Use soft natural detergents to wash their clothes.
  • Do not use any lotions or creams on the acne site, as it will exacerbate the condition and make it difficult for the toddler or you to deal with it.
  • Take advice from your dermatologist about using some diluted vinegar solution on the face of your baby. It is known to have some curable properties and can be helpful to treat your baby’s rashes.
  • Remember, never expose your babies to direct sunrays as it will harm them and may cause the skin to inflame further.
  • Overall hygiene is crucial to your baby’s health. Dirty and unhygienic conditions will only add to your bundle of worries. Keep your baby’s body clean and germ free.
  • Just keeping our babies in hygienic condition is not enough. Remember to wipe your baby’s face with clean cotton wipes after every few hours. Also, regularly apply prescribed medication to the affected areas to heal the acnes as soon as possible.

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