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Bonding With Your Baby - Ways To Bond With You Baby, Tips To Bond With Your Infant
Bonding with your baby is incredibly important for both of you. Read on to find some tips and ways to bond with your baby.

Bonding With Your Baby

Someone very rightly said that romance fails us and so does friendship, but the relationship of parent and child, less noisy than all others, remains indelible and indestructible, the strongest relationship on earth. The bonding that you share with your baby is infinitely precious. It is a process of forming an attachment or emotional connection with your baby. A secure attachment between the parents and the child develops from predictable, responsive, and nurturing care giving. You can promptly respond to your baby’s needs in a loving manner and this will help the relationship to develop. Simple touch, care, playing around together, talking and upon everything, the love given will create a strong bond between the child and a parent. Little loving gestures from your side can develop a comfort zone for your child to come to and take shelter whenever he/she needs it the most. Read on to know more on bonding with your baby.

Ways To Bond With You Baby
  • Have as much as possible, face to face conversation with your baby. Make eye contact and maintain closeness while speaking to the baby. Your smile, love and changing expressions and voice will cement the bong between the two of you
  • Massage your baby regularly. Baby massage is a very simple and effective way to develop and improve your bonding. It is a language of love between the parent and a child. It also helps your baby to relax, reduce stress and get a sound sleep.
  • Generous and loving body gestures that portray your care towards the babies can be one of the ways to develop their sensory awareness. Kiss them, cuddle them, stroke their hair, caress their cheeks, shoulder and arms while speaking to them or while giving them a bath. Try and show love to your babies in whatever small ways you can.
  • Skin to skin contact is quite soothing and comforting. Hold your baby close to your chest and breathe slowly, let them hear your heartbeat, so that they can relate to you. The smell of your body, its warmth and your heartbeat are reassuring for your baby.
  • Involve your baby in whatever you do. Talk to them, share with them your entire day’s activity, and don’t think whether you are sounding silly. Once your baby starts making sounds, respond to their voice, their growing vocabulary, by repeating those sounds to them.
  • You can even express your love and joy to babies by singing to them. Don’t worry about whether your singing is good or not, your baby will surely enjoy it. No need to just stick to lullabies, you can sing whatever pleases you.
  • Babies just love music. They love moving to any tune, they can even be a good dancing partner. Play a soothing music and dance with them gently and slowly around the room. This makes the babies very happy.
  • It is better for your baby to undergo a bit of exercise. A gentle playful exercise will benefit them both physically and mentally. This is also a simple and a fun way to express love and affection towards your baby.
  • Parents think if they buy their babies enough toys, they will be happy. However, there is no need of expensive toys to show your love. You are the best toy for your baby. Play around with your babies. Look for every opportunity to be playful with them.
  • Reading is also a very important way to bond with your baby. Read fairy tales and short stories to your kids. Read them books with big illustrations, and colorful pictures.

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