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Baby Cot Safety - Baby Cot Safety Tips, Baby Cot Safety Advice
Cot accidents and deaths are not uncommon with babies. Read on to find some baby cot safety tips & advice to guard your baby against any mishap.

Baby Cot Safety

There is nothing more peaceful than the sight of a sleeping baby. At the same time, there is no thought more terrifying than having to see your baby hurt himself/herself, while sleeping soundly. Unfortunate as it is, there are a few instances of cot deaths. Every parentís main concern is to keep their baby safe and sound, even when he/she is asleep. Though numerous studies have been done on cot accidents and deaths, no one has been able to pin point the exact reason for the same. This fatality seems to be caused when a number of factors work together and affect the baby in some particular way. Researchers have come up a few simple rules to be followed, which considerably lower the risk of cot death, while the baby is asleep. Follow the below given baby cot safety tips to help your baby sleep safely.

  • Make your baby sleep on his/her back.
  • Make the baby sleep in the 'feet-to-foot' position and away from the end of the cot. Place the baby in such a way that his/her feet are facing the foot of the cot, but are not touching the end of the cot.
  • The right temperature for a baby's room is 18 degrees centigrade (65 F). Babies should never rest in very hot temperatures.
  • Do not use an electric blanket or a hot water bottle in the baby's cot.
  • They should not be allowed to sleep either in direct sunlight, or near a fire or heater.
  • The baby's clothes, sheets and blankets must be made of cotton only.
  • All that babies need while sleeping is nappy, vest and sleep suit. If it is a hot night, make sure you dress the baby lightly.
  • Do not use duvets or sheepskins, until the baby is a year old.
  • The room in which the baby sleeps must be smoke-free. Do not smoke or allow anyone to smoke near the baby.
  • During the first six months, make sure that the baby cot is in your bedroom.
  • Avoid sleeping with your baby on the sofa.
  • If you smoke, drink alcohol, take medicines or drugs that make you sleep deeply, then do not allow your baby to share your bed.
  • Do not cover the baby's head unless it is very cold, as they lose excess heat from their head and face.
  • When the baby has temperature, his covering should be light and not heavy as is often believed.
  • The baby's bedding, mattress, covering should be kept clean, sun-dry and aired.

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