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Why Do Babies Cry - Reasons Why Babies Cry, What Makes A Baby Cry
There are several reasons as to why do babies cry and howl. Read the article to know what makes a baby cry.

Why Do Babies Cry

You try and try, but it doesnít seem to work. You baby wont seem to stop crying, no matter how hard your try to make him/her quiet. You try singing a song and the baby cries even more. You try to find some way to pacify the crying child, but it just doesnít work. You are not alone. There are many parents who, when confronted with a crying baby, are just not able to understand what to do to stop the crying, since they donít know why the baby is crying. Well, even experts worldwide do a lot of research as to why some babies cry a lot, while others are easily pacified. What you need to understand and accept is that crying is the only way for a baby to communicate. There may be different reasons for a baby to cry, and with time you will be able to judge as to why your child is crying at a given moment. Read on to know more about why do babies cry.

Reasons Why Babies Cry
  • Hunger is the main reason why babies cry. If you are able to learn the signs of hunger, feed the baby before he/she cries to communicate hunger. Some signs to look for in a newborn are - fusing, lip smacking, putting their hands in their mouth.
  • Need for sleep may be another reason for your baby to cry. Adults think that it is easy for the babies to go off to sleep. The fact is that it is not all that easy for them. They may fuss and cry when they are too tired, instead of just dozing off.
  • A dirty diaper is one of the common reasons for a baby to cry. It is very easy to check for a dirty diaper and if attended on time, you can prevent your baby from crying. Some of them will let you know right away, but some babies tolerate it for some time, and crying when they can no more tolerate it.
  • You might face a situation wherein you have catered to all the needs of your baby and still he/she is crying. Yes, it is time to call your doctor. Your baby may fall sick because of many reasons and they have can only resort to crying to show they are in discomfort.
  • Babies are very sensitive and anything too cold or warm can make them uncomfortable. Newborns like to be fully covered and kept warm, so when you remove their clothes for changing them or wipe their bottom while changing the diaper, they may protest by crying. Similarly, they don’t like too much of warmth also and may cry to signal you to unbutton some of their clothes.
  • Babies love cuddling and crave for someone to lift them up and love them. They love their parents to be around them. Crying is their way to ask you to keep them close to you.
  • Dentition or teething can be very painful for your baby, as each new gum pushes its way through their tender young gums. Some babies suffer more than others, but all are likely to get fussy and tearful at some point. If you are wondering why your baby is crying, try feeling their gums, you may be surprised to feel a hard nub of a baby tooth on its way.
  • Tummy problems because of gas and colic can lead to a lot of crying. If your baby tends to get restless after every meal, he/she might be having some pain in the stomach. Colic is rather a mysterious condition that can make your baby cry for three hours a day.
  • If your baby cries after feeding, all he needs is just a burp may be. Babies swallow air while being fed and if the air is not out, it may cause discomfort. So, they need to burp out the air.
  • Lights, noise, getting passed from hand to hand may make the baby feel irritated. Crying is the only way through which they can say enough is enough.

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