Cough Symptoms & Treatments

Cough Treatment - Natural Remedies & Cure

Cough is the common symptom of many diseases, which is associated by irritation of nerve receptors in the trachea, throat and bronchial tubes. It may cause by infection of viruses. This disease can be upsetting at night and disturbs the sleep of family members.

It accompanies infections of the lower or upper tract like flu, croup, colds, sinus infections, measles, bronchiolitis, pneumonia or measles. It is not transmitted from one person to another person.


It can be associated with serious health diseases like asthma, hay fever. It is mainly infected by Respiratory syncytial virus. In the morning, it is worse due to an infection. It is normally affected from November to mid-March.

Signs and symptoms:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Itchy nose or throat
  • Sound like a barking seal
  • Nasal allergies
  • Pneumonia or bronchitis
  • Whooping noise
  • Vomiting


Physical examination is prescribed by the doctor to diagnose the disease. In some cases, doctor will be recommended specific tests such as TB skin test, pulmonary function test, bronchoscopy, Chest X-ray, or blood test.

When to call the doctor?

Call the doctor immediately, if baby has a cough and he/she:

  • Is wheezing
  • Is not more than three months
  • Have streaks of blood in the mucus


There are many drugs available in the market to reduce the cough. Generally, almost are not effective. Cough suppressants such as codeine or pholcodine are not good for babies. Medications such as ammonium chloride or ipecacuana are very effective for relief of cough. Soothing cough linctus is very safe for children.

There is lots of OTC reliever available to treat the cough. It may be harmful in case of use of doses in long term period.

Parents should go to the health care providers in case of their baby have continuously coughed for more than a week.


Take a small piece of ginger and drain the juice and take 5-6 tulsi leaves and make the juice from it. Mix half teaspoon of ginger juice and same quantity of tulsi juice. Mix well both of them and add honey in equal quantity of juices. This liquid can be given to babies with cough.

Take 4-5 tulsi leaves, one teaspoon of jaggery, one full cup of water and a small piece of ginger. Mix all of them and boil it over slow heat. After this leave it for half hours and drink minimum two times a day. This is very effective for babies who have cough.

Take 4-5 almonds and soak overnight. In morning, remove the skin of almonds. And then, make a paste with sugar and butter. It is very effective for a dry cough.


  • Parents should keep baby out of smoky atmospheres.
  • Give a mixture of a spoonful of lemon and honey in water to baby.
  • Parents must encourage babies to clear throat.
  • Parents should keep their child at a comfortable temperature (not too hot or not too cold).