Baby Bathing & Body Care

Points to Consider for Baby Bathing and Body Care

Body care is quite essential and when it comes to your baby it becomes more intensive. Your gentle baby needs more precaution and care while bathing. We all know that a baby’s skin is 6 times more sensitive and delicate than us. Therefore, keeping that tender skin alive is also important. With the availability of numerous gentle baby care products, you can easily take care of your little one’s skin. But despite of their availability, it is imperative to know the procedure for its application to avoid any mishap.

Things to keep in mind while bathing a baby

Your new born baby is far more sensitive to any reaction whether it concerns with bathing or applying any product. At the time of bathing your baby, make sure that the water is adequately warm. A baby is accustomed to the body temperature as s/he spends 9 months in a womb. As a result of which, contact with the normal temperature water might give him/her some chill. Therefore, it is advisable to bath your baby in lukewarm water even if you are residing in hot regions. You can follow the procedure given below.

  • Nowadays you can find many useful bath tubs of different shape. It is wise to choose a tub that gives a sitting- recline posture to your new born baby. Since you cannot lie down your baby in a bath tub and it is rather dangerous, the sitting posture will give support to your baby.
  • Try to judge the temperature of water by dipping your elbow in water. In this way you will be able to conclude whether your child shall be comfortable with that water or not.
  • If you don’t have a skill to hold a baby while bathing, you can also lay down your baby in a dry surface and wipe her/him with a drenched cloth. It will prevent the water to enter in his nose or ear of your baby.
  • And if you can hold your new born baby, you can place his/her head in your palm. Then close the ears from both sides with your thumb and middle finger. You can prevent water getting entered in the ears.
  • Always use tear- free body shampoo for your baby. You can also use moisturized soaps recommended by a doctor.
  • Always take care of the head of a baby while bathing. Since a baby does not have ability to hold her head, it is important to hold her head gently.

After bathing, wipe your baby with soft cotton towels or cloth. Many mothers complain that their baby’s skin gets reacted with synthetic cloth. So, it is better to use cotton which tends to be skin friendly.

Body care and body products

Baby massage- A baby’s skin is likely to loose more moisture everyday. Therefore, keep your baby shielded by applying the baby lotions and crèmes. Moreover a gentle massage of herbal oils before bathing is a common procedure. Since a baby stays rolled up inside a womb for quite some time, a massage helps in stretching those muscles and limbs of a baby. You need to make sure that these products are medically attested for the safe usage of babies.

Nail trim- It is also important to trim your baby’s nails. Although their nails are soft and brittle but they are sharper than yours. And sometimes they result in scratching themselves as they have little or no control over their limbs. Hence the best time to trim them is when they are sleeping. If you trim them while they are awake, it might cause some cuts to them because of their erratic movements.
Umbilical stumps- It is equally important to take care of umbilical stump caused by the cutting of umbilical chord at the time of delivery. You must keep it clean and dry. Try to tuck the diapers below the stumps and dress your baby with loose t- shirts. In this way it helps air to circulate and will keep it dry. The stump gets dry up in 10-20 days and drop off. If it gives any problem, you can swab the stump with some antiseptic recommended by a doctor. Those solutions not only heal the umbilical cut but also help in drying.

A proper body care can help in the development of your baby in less time. A baby is more prone to frequent illness and upset stomach; you can prevent such sickness by taking proper care of your baby.