Baby Diapering

Diaper Duty Information Guide

Being a parent is an experience that cannot be expressed in words. You and everyone around will be overjoyed with the birth of your newborn. But when it comes to diapering your baby, can it be the best part of your parenting experience. Definitely not for the uninitiated, for whom it can be a an overwhelming experience.

It is the only task for which you not find any volunteers. Since the infant cannot do it for itself, you will have to do it for your child. So what is the first step to start with diaper change. To begin with, keep all the essential items fr diaper change within your reach. It is not wise to leave your baby while you go looking for the diaper and the other items. There have been many instances of babies being injured this way.

Now when you are taking the diaper off the baby,ensure that you do not whip it off instantly. The sudden cool air on your child may cause it to urinate. Instead, after opening the diaper, wait for a few seconds. If you see that nothing has happened, then take off the used and dirty diaper. Next, lift the baby up gently and place the new diaper underneath.

Especially when using disposable diapers ensure that you place the tape under the baby. In case, the tape is on top of the baby, then the diaper will not be fasten to the baby correctly. Now, fasten the diaper accordingly to the baby.

Next you need to apply the lotion, ointments and powders. Apply what is required or has been advised by the child care expert. Now, Pulling the diapers front part over the baby's private area, seal the remaining tapes. Take care that there is no gap between the baby's skin and the diaper but at the same time you also have to take care that it should not be so tight that there are wrinkles formed on the babies skin.

Once this is done, take your baby to a safe place. Now wash your hands properly as when changing diapers you may come in contact with germs which is not safe for the baby.

You are now a pro in changing diapers. Though for new parents it can be an overwhelming experience but after doing it twice or thrice, you will become a pro in the job and begin to enjoy these experiences with your baby.