First Birthday Gift

First Birthday Gift for Your Little Bundle of Joy

This is the moment. Your little bundle of joy is in your arms and its your baby's first birthday. After going through twelve exhaustive months of joy, worry, devotion and concern, you are now proud a proud parent. It is your baby's first anniversary and for sure a valid cause for grand celebration.

Selecting the perfect gift to mark this occasion is rather simple then you may have imagined or expected. In their endeavour to give a unique gift, there are parents who are choosing to commemorate the occasion. This not necessarily is an effort to celebrate the birthday but rather they are looking forward celebrate the young life's success and achievement so far.

If you think that marking the toddlers achievement is kind of going overboard, then consider the fact, how much your baby has grown in the last twelve months. Compare this to the fact how little we adults change during the same time span. In fact, it is during the first twelve months that babies undergo a lot of development. You can notice a lot of their personality traits in the during their earliest weeks. The fact is your baby has completed a year and that in itself is a huge accomplishment.

One of the apt gift giving approach for the family and friends of the baby is to gift something that is personalized marking the occasion. Gift something which will be passed down the years as a keepsake. You can think of gifting a personalized dinner plate or an engraved spoon which can be passed down the years and kept as a remembrance for the baby in future. Apart from this, there are many other personalized gifts that you can choose from like baby chairs, step stools and quilts.

These are very unique and personalized additions to the baby's collection which will remain with them for times to come and something for them to ponder back upon during the future. Another very popular gift in the personalized category is the custom made frame or scrapbook. The idea of scrapbook is in fact among the most popular trends. Parents can chronicle the happenings of the baby's life in the first year in these scrapbooks unlike earlier when they would be busy organizing the baby's snaps.

These scrapbooks can be passed on as a heirloom in the future and can be kept as a keepsake ornament. Though scrapbooks are inexpensive, it can be decorated and customized according to the givers choice and taste. Another very good personalized gift idea is a photo frame. You can gift a frame with two photo's of the baby, one when the baby just arrived home and the other when the baby completed one year. You can further add the name and date of birth of the baby.

There are many options for the personalized gifts apart from those mentioned above. You can choose to gift something that is a combination of the practical and the sentimental. So you can either gift a personalized frame and a blanket or a frame and a shawl which could also be used as a multipurpose garment. Thus you can make these personalized gifts even more unique and memorable.