Baby Bedtime Routines | Brushing & Cleaning

Establishing a health Bed Time Routine for Your Little One

It’s a fact! Young lads and girls don’t want to sleep. Besides all that opposition, it is, in fact possible for you to establish a healthy bed time routine for your little without getting angry, frustrated and tired, not to mention getting down to forcing your little one to bed!

Here how you can do it:

Expending Pent Up Energy

Remember the days when your baby’s are bounding with energy and you just aren’t able to catch them and get their attention. If something similar is happening today, then let go! Let your little one exhaust themselves doing it. Better yet, get them involved in a physically tiring game until they themselves say, “time out”. Besides tiring him/her out, this is also a nice way to bond with your little one.

Let them watch their favourite cartoon for the last half-hour. They might just go to sleep by the end of it!

A Bath before Sleep

can do a great job in calming down your baby for the day. Alternatively, you, your partner and your baby can enjoy those last 30 minutes of the day in a warm water bath tub and relax. This is a nice way for the three of you to spend some quality time together.

Brushing and Cleaning

For babies more than 1 year old, it’s the right time for you to inculcate the habit of brushing ones teeth and gums before going to bed. After this, you can you can subtly tell them that it’s time to go to sleep by changing their nappies or helping them out with their pyjamas.

Chatting Up

Talk to your children while they lie down to go to sleep. Talk to them about their day and all the things they did. Another way is to tell them a bedtime story. Children love stories! Read them a new one every day.

Saying goodnight

Carry your little one around the house to say goodnight to the rest of the family, their siblings, pets as well as teddy bears. It’s sometimes so soothing to watch babies sleep way before all the “goodnights” have been said.

Lastly, if you can, sing to them, a lullaby!