Babies Sleep Longer | Sleep Training

Some Certain Ways to Help Your Babies Sleep Longer

Putting your babies to sleep is a very difficult task. Most babies develop normal sleeping patterns but things may get frustrating when your six month old keeps you awake all night, contrary to what the doctors have foreseen.

Here are some time tested, proven ways to help you, help your babies sleep and stay asleep for long.

Do not Force them to sleep!

Babies, after a few months, will get more sensitive to their environment and will sense discomfort and potential danger. This may keep them from going to sleep. The idea is to create a safe and secure environment for your little one. Babies need to feel that sleep is a pleasant state to be in.

Sleep training

Keep away from sleep training and all kinds of sleep inducing programs. Most of them are based on the “cry out loud and go to sleep” method. Do you think it’s sensible to leave your baby alone to cry, just because he/she does not feel like sleeping?

You need to stop fooling your babies to sleep. Be realistic! This will only make them lose trust in you.

There may be medical reasons for nightwaking. Please consult your doctor before you try anything by yourself.

Deciding a Place of Sleep

With time, you are going to get a fair idea of where your baby sleeps best. Well, let him/her sleep there. Some babies sleep the best in their own rooms, some sleep well in their bassinets while others may like to snuggle up with their mothers for a sound sleep. Do not be rigid. Choose whatever works the best.

Remember that the time of sleep will never be as important as the amount of sleep your baby needs. If he/she does not develop a sleeping pattern, let it be. Forcing a pattern is only going to worsen things for you, especially for your baby’s emotional health in the near future.

Babies Are Environment-Conscious

The way your baby may have slept, the night before may be just the way he/she would expect to sleep tonight as well. Babies become conscious of their environment after six month of birth. You can try creating a similar environment everyday and see what happens!

Caressing and Soothing

Physical touch can do wonders! Whenever you think that he/she is ready to sleep, start to make him/her comfortable by soft caresses, singing, rocking or by using any other comforting methods.

This will not only put your babies to sleep but also help your baby develop some subconscious trust over you.