Baby Sleep Solutions

Baby Sleep Solutions - Creating the Correct Setting for Sleep

Your baby is only going to sleep if he/she is being provided with the right environment to sleep in. Let’s define “right environment”! The right environment to sleep needs to be calm, cool, comfortable, especially safe and secure.

Here is a brief explanation of some of the best ways to create that perfect setting for a long, good night sleep.

Dull Lighting

Toddlers cannot sleep with the lights on. Some dull lighting or a completely dark room just might do the trick. And why not! There is a scientific explanation to all this. Darkness makes the brain release melatonin, which is a sleep hormone.

A Calm and Quiet Space

This is basic! Your little one needs a place that is calm and quiet. Any kind of noise may not only inhibit sleep but may also wake him/her up midway, adding to your troubles. This doesn’t, at all, mean that you will need to tip-toe around the whole house. Once your baby is asleep, you are free to make subtle sounds and noises.

The Right Temperature

The need to dress up your toddler well and keep him/her warm and cosy is understandable but you need to know that overall body temperatures need to dip in order for a person to go to sleep. Do not overdress! Let the temperature in your baby’s room be around 18°C - 22 °C. Dress him/her up in a single layer of clothes.

If you cannot manage the right room temperatures then go for short sleeve vests and diapers. For colder rooms, a pair of thermal wear might do the trick.


The beds need to be soft, cool and supported from all sides. If your baby is sleeping on a full sized bed, use a set of pillows to guard him/her from falling off. The bed should be soft but firm and sheets should preferably be made of cotton (synthetic sheets are known to cause discomforts).

Do not use a pillow! Instead, fold a sheet and put it under the baby’s head to provide it support.

These are some sure ways to make your baby go to sleep and stay asleep for longer intervals!