Baby’s Sleeping Habits | Sleep Training

Baby Sleep Basics: Birth to 6 Months

Baby’s, during this stage if growth are going to sleep a lot, almost 12 to 15 hours a day. These would include lots of night time sleep and quick naps. During the first three months, your baby will wake up at regular intervals for his/her feed but after that you will see him/or her develop a regular sleep and wake up pattern.

Sleep Training

It would seem like its too early for training your little one for sleep but you can try some sleep training if you feel like. One important thing! Do not try to impose a sleep program on your 3 month old little one. Most babies naturally develop sleep patterns that blend in well with your life and schedule.

All babies have unique developmental schedules. Newborns may react differently to sleep training and if your little one isn’t upto it, then you might want to stop it for a while and give it another try after a few weeks.

Night Naps

Night naps are going to be irregular during the first 3 months but thereafter, your little one will easily be able to sleep through the night. By “through the night” we do not mean 8-10 hours but only 4-5 hours at the most. My children, however, may sleep for longer intervals as well.

This will finally enable you to make up for all that sleep time you lost during the final weeks of your 3rd trimester and the first few months after childbirth.

Alternatively, you baby might still wake up after every 3-4 hours for his night feeds during in the 3-6 month bracket.

Changing Patterns

Your babies, normally, will develop the patterns of sleeping through the night and are going to stick to it henceforth but in some cases, they may start to wake up again. Frustrating and surprising as it is, just go with the flow and attend to all his/her needs.

Babies develop the sense of being separate entities during this time and may rant and cry, just to get your attention. Attend to them!

Make them feel as much loved as possible.