About Newborn Baby

Your Newborn Baby: Everything You Need to Know

The day has come and today you are a proud parent. There will be times when you may feel nervous and also excited at the same time at the thought of taking care of your baby. This something that is felt by all new parents.

It is even during the first few days that the newborn baby begins to recognize its parents. In fact research has proved that new born babies begin to differentiate between the strangers and their parents.

For new parents, their babies can be mysterious creatures. They can be as fragile as porcelain and again as parents you will feel that they are tough as steel. There is lots that you need to take care of when handling a newborn baby. During the initial few days of the baby's birth you have to take care of the baby's head. It is one of the most sensitive parts. As a new born baby is not used to supporting its head, you need to help the baby with this. During the first two months the baby's neck muscle will experience rapid growth. This is when the baby will start to gain control of its head.

Another feature that you will come across in the baby's head is two soft spots. These soft spots, also know as fontanels, can be found at the back of the baby's head and at the front. Though these areas are soft and should be handled with care yet it is nothing to fear about. The back fontanel will close first that is within a months time. The front part takes longer and usually closes within 9 to 18 months.

You do not need to worry about the cradle cap. It usually shows up within the first few months and goes away on its own. Similarly, you may also come across white bumps on your baby's face. This is in medical terms called milia, and like the cradle cap, even this disappears in a few days time. The eye colour of the baby also changes in the initial few months. As the baby grows, the pigment in the baby's eyes develops into the permanent eye colour.

The nails of the baby grow at a rapid pace. The baby nails require trimming at least once or twice every week. There are babies who are born with nails which are jagged. These jagged nails should be trimmed in order to avoid it from scratching its face. If you are not willing to cut the newborn baby's nails then you should cover it with a baby mittens or socks.

Also take care not to let the baby's umbilical chord come in contact with water. When the baby is born an antiseptic is applied to the chord which protects it from infection. The signs of an infected umbilical chord are fever, bleeding, tenderness, odor, discharge and redness. In case you notice any such symptoms, you need to consult your child care expert.

These are some of the basics that you need to take care of when dealing with a new born baby. They are very sensitive and hence you need to be well informed and handle them with care.